Berlin Education Administration wants headscarf ban to be exception instead of norm


Central Europe


A Muslim teacher conducts a class. Photo AFP, Aamir Qureshi

The Senate Education Administration in Berlin advises only banning headscarves for teachers in individual cases.

According to the Administration, headscarves and other religiously influenced clothing and symbols should be allowed unless they specifically threaten 'school peace or state neutrality'. That is reported by Evangelisch.de. The Senate Education Administration expressed this view after a question from the leftist fraction in the House of Representatives on Thursday.


The opinion of the Senate itself in this matter remains unclear, WDR writes. The last Senate coalition, however, already provided legislation for the neutrality law to be adjusted.

The Berlin Neutrality Act was implemented in 2005, Tagesspiegel writes. It bans the wearing of religious symbols in schools. However, since 2016, nine women have started court procedures against the state because schools did not hire them due to the law.

In 2015, the Federal Constitutional Court declared the headscarf ban illegal.



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