March for Life takes place in three German cities


Central Europe


Activists take part in a protest against abortion at the Federal Chancellery in Berlin. Photo EPA, Florian Schuh

Germans march for life in September. Up till now, they did so annually in Berlin. Now, the initiative extends to two other German cities as well.

Every year, the March for Life takes place in Berlin. Participants show their opposition to abortion during these protests. This year, the initiative will also take place in Cologne for the first time.

Risk life

On September 16, the event is to happen, the Federal Association of Life Law (BVL/Berlin) announced, as reported by Idea. The motto of the German pro-life march is “Unique. Risk Life.”

Chairwoman of the Federal Association for the Right to Life, Alexandra Maria Linder, said to PRO that the addition of more cities had been a plan for a long time already. According to her, Cologne is a logical addition because there is an active group of young people who are involved in the preparations intensively.

Linder explains that the pro-life movement in Germany wants to “go public with the topics more intensively.” She points out that the government goes in the wrong direction when it comes to the right to life. In addition, she hopes that more people will participate now as they do not have to travel to Berlin.


Also, in the German city of Munich, pro-life marches take place. Last Wednesday, almost 4,000 participants joined the demonstration for the right to life on Saturday, Katholisch.de reports. At the same time, a counter-demonstration took place. According to the police, 100 people participated in the latter.

It was the third time that a March for Life took place in Munich. “Stimme der Stillen” (Voices of the quiet) is behind the event. Its chairwoman, Silja Fichtner, says that abortion “is the original sin of every state.”

Security officers

Even though the March was a peaceful event, there were 370 security officers present, BR.de writes.

According to Die Tagespost, the Marches take place against het background of current legislative processes of the federal government. The Minister of Family, Lisa Paus of the Green party, wants to make abortion more accessible and examines whether the clause can be removed from the German criminal code. In addition, the government discusses the legalisation of surrogacy and assisted suicide.



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