Call for prayer and fasting on Independence Day in Ukraine


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The Ukrainian Prayer Movement calls for a day of prayer and fasting on Independence Day. Photo AFP, Rodger Bosch

The leader of the Ukrainian Prayer Movement, Vitaly Orlov, has called for a day of prayer and fasting for his country on Thursday, the annual Independence Day.

The President of the Prayer Movement does so in an "extremely difficult time for the country", he writes in a Facebook post, that was widely shared by several Christian media. "We understand that we need God's intervention and help to stop this bloody war", Orlov emphasises, adding that prayer is a "powerful weapon in the battle against the world rulers of this darkness, against the heavenly spirits of evil."

Orlov's call to prayer comes at the same time as the National Independence Day of Ukraine. This day, the country celebrates its separation from the Soviet Union 32 years ago, C4U writes. For almost a third of this period, the country has been at war with Russia, which "refuses Ukraine's right to exist", C4U writes.

To pray in unity, as Jesus commanded when He was on Earth, Orlov gives several guidelines. First, he calls for a united, interreligious prayer at official state events. Secondly, he encourages vigils to pray for Ukraine's unity. Also, churches should be involved in every area of national prayer and fasting, and pastors, church leaders and believers should be encouraged to join. Lastly, Orlov wants families to be stimulated to participate in a joint prayer for victory and peace.


Furthermore, the President of the Prayer Movement provides several points to remember in prayer. One of them is the end of the war with Ukraine's victory and a just peace. In addition, Orlov calls for prayer for the safety and health of the soldiers fighting at the front and the citizens of Ukraine, for the healing and restoration of the wounded Ukrainian military and the strengthening of the spirit and souls of those fighting for the country. Other points include the return of Ukrainians to God and the spreading of God's light in all areas of social life.

"With prayer, faith, in unity with God and together we go to the victory of the light over the darkness", Orlov writes. He concludes his appeal with a text from Matthew 18: "Again I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven."


The head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church congratulated Ukraine on Independence Day of Ukraine. That was reported by Credo. "Ukraine's independence is a holiday and a gift from God", Major Archbishop Sviastoslav said. The Archbishop stressed the importance of "the gift of freedom" and added that he prays for the freedom of Ukraine and those who fight to maintain this freedom.



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