Russian Patriarch denounces cosmic evolution


Eastern Europe


Russia's Orthodox Patriarch Kirill leads a religious service at the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow. Photo AFP, Igor Palkin

Patriarch Kirill is surprised that so many people believe that life on Earth came from space. He said so during his sermon on September 1, the feast of the Donskoy Icon of the Mother of God.

“How can you believe that everything happened by itself from a grain of sand?” the Patriarch asked the hearers, as reported by Ria Novosti. Kirill finds it unbelievable that people are convinced that some bacteria from outer space turned the earth into “a flourishing planet inhabited by intelligent beings.”

“Think about it”, the Patriarch called upon his public, “In at least 24 billion, at least 100 billion years, a stone will never turn into human life. But it did.”


In his sermon, the Patriarch further elaborated on the power of prayer. He referred to several historical examples, such as the Great Patriotic War (Second World War). In addition, he explained to his audience that prayer is “primarily a request to the Lord to limit our freedom.” People can make mistakes, he said, “and when we pray, we ask the Lord, “You created us free, but we do not have enough strength, relying on this freedom of ours to solve the problem that is now before us.”

The feast of the Donskoy Icon of the Mother of God to remember the deliverance of Moscow from the Tartars in 1591.



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