Sweden open to investigating euthanasia


Northern Europe

Lennart Nijenhuis, CNE.news

In Sweden, the acceptance of euthanasia seems to be growing. Photo ANP, Koen Suyk

A majority of the Swedish parliament seems to be open to an inquiry into voluntary euthanasia. The Left Party has decided not to block such an investigation any longer.

For situations in which palliative care is no longer sufficient, the Left Party is open for orientation on alternatives, spokespeople of the party have said. The Swedish Radio has reported that.

According to the Christian paper Världen Idag the Left Party has given a reason for the change. “Since the question arises all the time, regularly, with strong evidence of how good euthanasia is, I think it would be good to be able to respond to it with a little more facts, not just think, so to speak”, says Karin Rågsjö, Left Party’s care policy spokesperson.

Other parties are against

Until this week, there was no majority in the parliament for such an inquiry. Only the Swedish Democrats, the Liberals, the Moderates and the Greens were in favour of appointing a commission. Together those parties have more than half of the seats.

Other parties, as the Social Democrats, Christian Democrats and the Center Party, are against active euthanasia. “The task of healthcare is to cure, alleviate and comfort”, Världen Idag quotes the Christian Democrats. “Active euthanasia and assisted suicide are, and will continue to be prohibited.”

Earlier this year, research among Swedish doctors showed that 40 per cent favours the legalisation of euthanasia.



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