Owner of Babycaust website sentenced for insulting physician


Central Europe


Website Babycaust.de. Photo CNE.news

The district court in Weinheim has sentenced abortion opponent Klaus Günter Annen to a fine of 1,200 euros.

The Court declared that Annen is guilty of insulting the Giessen abortion practitioner Kristina Hänel. Annen had written on his website Babycaust.de that abortions are “mass murder in the womb.” In addition, he openly accused Hänel of being a “contract killer”, Idea reports.

Earlier, Annen was sentenced to a fine of 1,000 euros. He went into appeal and thus was punished with an even higher sentence.

Hänel had sued Annen before in a civil procedure about his statements. The Hamburg Regional Court forbade Annen in 2020 to compare abortions with the Holocaust. Annen compared Hänel to guards and doctors in Nazi camps at that time.

Annen’s statement that Hänel killed “innocent and defenceless children, a despicable crime” and that she has “lots of blood” on her hands was not found illegal.

The verdict of the Hamburg Regional Court is not yet final, Annen stated. He appealed against it.



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