Number of German abortions plummets


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The number of abortions in Germany has never been low as last year. It dropped to 94,600 abortions in total.

That is shown by the research of the Federal Statistical Office in Wiesbaden, the German news agency PRO reports. In 1996, there were still 130,899 abortions. According to the Statistical Office, there is no apparent reason for the decline.

Terminating a pregnancy is officially illegal by German law. However, there are some exceptions. The so-called counselling regulation allows women to have an abortion up to the 12th week of the pregnancy if she undergoes mandatory conflict counselling. Another exception is made in the case of rape or if the mother's health is endangered.

More young women pro-life

Especially in the lower age groups, fewer women chose abortion, Die Tagespost reports. Compared to 2011, the number of abortions in the 15-to-17-year age group fell by 40.2 per cent, equal to 1,500 cases per year. Among 18- to 19-year-olds, the decline was even 41.3 per cent or 2,800 cases. Among women between 20 and 24 years old, the number of abortions fell by 33.8 per cent, equal to 9,200 cases.

The drop in the number of abortions is partly explained by demographic reasons, Die Tagespost acknowledges. According to the statistics, the number of 15- to 18-year-olds has fallen by 6.7 per cent over the past ten years. Among 18- to 19-year-olds, this trend was also seen: their number dropped by 11.1 per cent, while the number of 20- to 24-year-olds fell by 10.1 per cent. In short, there were fewer young women who could have chosen an abortion.

Yet, Die Tagespost assumes that an important reason for the decline in abortions is that more young women are pro-life. It bases this conclusion on the fact that more young people attend the annual "Marches for Life" in Berlin. Furthermore, the number of pro-life organisations has grown in recent years.

“Young people had less opportunities to meet”

Pro-life organisations are delighted about the declining trend of abortions. Cornelia Kaminski, chairwoman of the Action for Right to Life for All, says to Catholic News Agency that it is "gratifying" that more women "are saying 'yes' to their unborn child." She is astonished that the number of abortions has declined despite the "infanticide advertising campaign seen in recent years." Kaminski says to Catholic News Agency that the approach of the right-to-life movement to end abortions by making them undesirable seems promising. "The more abortion is discussed, the more women question what happens during an abortion and seek information that does not promote abortion."

Alexandra Maria Linder, Chair of the Federal Association for the Right to Live, is critical of the news. She says to Catholic News Agency that the abortion statistics have never been complete. Furthermore, she emphasises that the decline in the number of abortions can also be explained by the fact that there were no festivals and clubs and discos were closed. "Many opportunities for young people to meet were missing."



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