German wants more political attention for persecuted Christian


Central Europe


Western politicians should do more to support persecuted Christians worldwide, respondents of a survey by the German newspaper Die Tagespost indicate.

Of the 2,004 adults who participated in the survey, 42 per cent indicated that they wanted more action from Western politicians for persecuted Christians worldwide. Only 1 in 4 took the opposite position on the statement: “Western politicians should do more to support persecuted and discriminated Christians around the world.” The Catholic weekly Die Tagespost reports about the research.

Younger adults were less likely to support the statement than older ones. In the youngest age group (18-29-year-olds), 36 per cent agreed, while in the oldest group (70 years and older), 47 per cent answered confirmative. The agreeing percentages are about the same among Catholics and Protestants. Of Roman Catholic believers, 47 per cent thinks politicians should do more for persecuted Christians. In comparison, this share amounts to 49 per cent among Protestants.

Remarkable is that men were more likely to agree to the statement than women. Of males, 47.4 per cent responded affirmatively, while this percentage among women was 35.9 per cent, PRO reports.



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