Artificial intelligence can read Ukrainian Bible out loud


Eastern Europe


Photo RD, Henk Visscher

A Ukrainian programmer has taught Google Assist to read the Ukrainian Bible out loud.

Viktor Shymko, an IT specialist from Kropyvnytskyi, has written a program for Google Assistant service so that it can read the Ukrainian translation of Ivan Ohiyenko out loud. That is reported by InVictory.

Within three weeks, Google Assistant picked up the skill. After starting up Google Assistant, the option is available under the name “Talk to Ukrainian Bible.” The Assistant then offers the possibility to listen to a daily selected section of the New Testament. Users can choose whether a male or a female voice reads the text.

The option should become available all over the world. It can be used through virtual assistants, like Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri, but also via physical devices such as Google Home, Svitogliad writes.



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