Ukrainian politician wants to increase wait list for divorce to protect family


Eastern Europe


Ukrainian couple gets married in war time. Politician Giorgiy Mazurashu pleads for more state measures against breaking the marriage vow. Photo EPA, Sergey Kozlov

Ukrainian deputy Giorgiy Mazurashu has submitted a draft law to make the waiting times for people who want to divorce longer to protect families from falling apart. He hopes that this will lead to a drop in divorces.

Currently, couples must wait a month before their divorce application is considered, Slovoproslovo writes. Spouses should use this period to rethink their choice. Deputy Mazurashu wants this period to be increased to three months. He argues that a more extended consideration period will protect families against rash decisions. The decision to divorce is often based on emotions and has a lasting negative impact on families and spouses, he says. According to Mazurshu, the state has the duty to protect the family in these situations.

An exception to the longer waiting times applies when violence is stated as the reason for divorce. Then the review period will remain a month, Vsirazom reports. The opposite happens when a couple has children. Then the application review period can be extended to six months.

The initiator of the draft law, Giorgiy Mazurashu, is known for advocating the rights of families in Ukraine. He is part of the movement "All Together" and engages actively in actions concerning family and family values.



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