French experts denounce ‘unscientific’ gender campaign


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Demonstrators protest against gender reassignment for children. Photo AFP, Joseph Prezioso

A group of French researchers, philosophers, doctors and some sociologists warn against a progressive education campaign that claims that sex is a spectrum, not something fixed.

The experts are unhappy with the content of the educational program of Le Planning Familial. The organisation has started a poster campaign to promote progressive ideas about sexuality and family planning, Valeurs Actuelles reports. The campaign, for example, shows two men, one of whom is pregnant. Next to it is a caption that reads: "At Planning, we know that men can also be pregnant. No matter the biological impossibility."

Social construct

In addition, the organisation asserts that sex is "a social construct based on mean observations of biological gender differences." According to Planning, it is "commonly accepted scientifically that gender is a spectrum and may also refer to the genitalia."

The French experts are worried about these ideas claimed to be scientific. Therefore, they wrote a protest column in Le Point. With it, they want to warn about the 'abuses' of Family Planning. The experts even call the ideas of Family Planning a danger to public health if they are not proven to be scientific.


"We would be happy to know the 'science' which admits that in Homo Sapiens, sex is a spectrum", the experts write in Le Point. "We would also be happy to know the critical length of the sexual organ to differentiate a boy from a girl", they respond to a statement of Family Planning that doctors decide the sex of a baby at birth based on the size of the penis or clitoris.

In addition, the signatories of the column criticise Family Planning's plea for gender-neutral language and its blacklist of "terms not to use". The list includes words such as 'male', 'female', 'masculine' and 'feminine.'


According to the experts, the statements of Family Planning are a danger for teenagers and adolescents who are going through a vulnerable period in which they need stability. "It is this fragility that is exploited by social networks where untruths abound. With disastrous results."

Lastly, the column's authors point out that Family Planning is an organisation financed by tax money and has now become a bulwark of 'transactivist militants' that are not uncontroversial. They argue that it is important that the subsidies are only given to the organisation as long as it abides by that what it is tasked with and not propagates woke propaganda. "The organisation should no longer be authorised to intervene with school children unless it guarantees the rigorous scientificity of its remarks."



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