Czech parliament divided about same-sex marriage


Central Europe


The Czech parliament debated same-sex marriage on Thursday, but was not able to reach a conclusion. The matter will come back soon. Photo AFP, Michal Cizek

The Czech parliament was not able to conclude whether the present civil partnership should be broadened to same-sex marriage also.

On Thursday, the members of the parliament were in a fierce debate about this, according to Radio Prague International.

Martin Exner from the Mayors and Independents (STAN) coalition party said, the anti-gay marriage stance is, in fact, a Russian position. Russia supports these “culture wars” and is trying to divide society. For that reason, Czechia must either become part of a free Western Europe or remain part of the conservative Eastern European periphery.


More conservative legislators from the opposition ANO party, as well as from the Christian Democrat and Civic Democrat parties, which are both part of the ruling government, objected to his statement, accusing him of labelling anyone who opposes gay marriage as pro-Russian. The opposition SPD party plans to vote to reject the bill, saying it does not want to interfere with the institution of marriage, preferring to amend registered partnership.

Similar to when the bill was discussed in the last election period, the debate was not concluded on Thursday. The Lower House will continue this discussion in a few weeks.



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