Berlin wants to offer possibility of burying aborted children


Central Europe


Visitors walk past an angel figure on a grave at the 'Alter Domfriedhof St Hedwig’ cemetery in Berlin. Photo AFP, Tobias Schwarz

The Berlin Senate wants to allow parents to bury “embryos and fetuses from abortions” in the future. A law is in the making.

The Senate of the state of Berlin wants to change the burial law, Idea reports. Now, the proposal is up for consideration by the Berlin House of Representatives.

Currently, only babies that are stillborn and weigh more than 1,000 grams can be buried in the state. Therefore, children who are aborted are not included in this regulation.

Pro-life organisations are happy with the development of the law change. The chairwoman of the pro-life organisation Right to Life Campaign for All (ALfA), Cornelia Kaminski, points out that the Senate recognises that “the unborn people killed during abortion are children. Nobody buries a clump of cells.”


The rules about burying aborted children vary from region to region in Germany. In some areas, the foetuses are used for medical research, for example. Kaminski is critical of that. “Whether a person is used after their death should not depend on what interests the clinic management has or how their parents feel about them”, she says. “The dignity of the unborn human being is also inviolable.”

The burial law may also be amended when it comes to the burials of Jews and Muslims. It should enable these communities to bury their dead faster. Currently, they have to wait 48 hours.



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