Guest commentary: Are we on the road to Armageddon?



David Millard

A woman holding a child flees following an Israeli strike in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip. Photo AFP, Mohammed Abed

The news tells us what is happening in Israel. The Bible describes to us the end time scenario. Are these two not the same, asks David Millard.

For centuries, Europeans have believed in the veracity of the Bible as the inspired Word of God so that its religion hinges entirely on this being true or not.

Many have lost faith in Christianity’s promise of redemption, and the world is spiralling out of control and heading towards disaster. There’s violence and corruption, a collapse in morality, natural disasters are increasing as economic chaos erupts across the world. With nations arming themselves and deadly diseases on a global scale.

There is the Iranian nuclear issue, the Israel-Gaza conflict, North Korea, China expanding its military, the war in Ukraine, and re-assertive Russia. Terrorism has made the world increasingly dangerous and unstable.

Prophetic outline

This comes as no surprise to Christian believers because according to Europe’s religion we are living in the period preceding the coming of Christ.

The Bible predicts a series of events in the latter days that will shape the political, economic, and religious landscape and will set the stage for the final act of world history.

These have already fallen into place. In fact, the events we are seeing today correspond perfectly with the prophetic outline found in the Bible, as I understand it.

Great Apostasy

In the biblical scenario the Middle East is the focal point of events as the Jews have returned to their ancestral homeland. In fact, the city of Jerusalem and nation of Israel are central to events predicted in the Bible that will precede the last great conflict in history.

In my understanding the Bible anticipates a coming military invasion of Israel called the War of the Latter Years which presupposes Israel is already in the land and incurred the wrath of the nations.

A second event is that many have departed from Christianity in the Great Apostasy. If this has happened, the revived Roman Empire the Bible describes is already in place.

The last world empire will be a confederation of nation states that will rise out of the Old Roman Empire. And I am convinced that this is talking about Europe.


Out of this revived Roman Empire the Antichrist will rise and use this empire as his base to conquer the world. This is what the Bible says will happen in the latter years.

I think he will come out of a crisis in the Middle East, and we see this very conflict unfolding today.

It seems obvious that there is a relationship between what is written in the Bible and events we are seeing today. The narrative seems to suggest that not only the people of Israel, but all nations will soon be confronted with a choice that will determine their final destiny and that tragically most will be so deceived and uninformed they will make the wrong choice.

I expect that Israel will conclude a covenant with a false messiah by entering into an agreement with him – some sort of Middle East ‘peace agreement.’

And in doing so, the world will enter a time of darkness the like of which has never been seen. As the entire world will be affected by the dramatic events that will soon occur, we should consider the things that religion has known for centuries before it is too late.

Because following the recent global pandemic and other events we are seeing, anyone who thinks life will ever return to normal has a fundamental misunderstanding of the times in which we live.



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