What can AI technique make of John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress?


Christian Life

Martijn den Hollander, RD

Fleeing from the City of Destruction. Photo ChatGPT-4/Dall-E

Social media is full of pictures made with artificial intelligence (AI). We have seen images of Pope Francis with a fancy jacket. And Donald Trump getting arrested. Martijn den Hollander took John Bunyan on a journey to AI.

In the newsroom, there is much reflection about the use of AI. You can do a lot with it. We see it everywhere now.

A more classical picture of Christian in the City of Destruction. Photo ChatGPT-4/Dall-E

It is also a trend to refine AI images. Successive versions of programmes such as Midjourney, ChatGPT and Dall-E have become more sophisticated and offer more possibilities.

As the topic of our try-out for ChatGPT-4 (the paid version), we chose Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress. This is a well-known story and is usually richly illustrated. ChatGPT was asked to: “Make one overall image that captures the essence of John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress, photorealist.”

Christian and Faithful at the Vanity Fair. Photo ChatGPT-4/Dall-E

This resulted in a spiritual-looking image, with ChatGPT commenting, “This image encompasses the key themes and elements of the allegorical tale, featuring the protagonist, Christian, on his spiritual journey from the City of Destruction to the Celestial City. The image includes symbolic representations of the Slough of Despond, the burden on Christian’s back, Vanity Fair, the encounter with Apollyon, the Delectable Mountains, the River of Death crossing, and the Celestial City’s gates. The landscape conveys the spiritual journey’s trials, challenges, and eventual triumph, embodying the core message of faith, perseverance, and salvation.”

In the house of Interpreter.Photo ChatGPT-4/Dall-E

ChatGPT certainly has an impression of the content of the Christian journey. However, the illustrations had some errors: An overly wide wicket gate, Christian chaining the lions at Palace Beautiful himself, and even a bridge over the River of Death.

Many images are reminiscent of fantasy or look overly magical. There are also growing pains of AI: missing or twisted limbs, a sheep with five legs, a hand with six fingers, or monstrous faces. Nevertheless, the more successful images of the Christian journey that we, as editors, extracted from ChatGPT 4 can be called surprising and striking.

Christian and Hopeful in the Delectable Mountains. Photo ChatGPT-4/Dall-E

We also asked ChatGPT to capture part of a life description of John Bunyan in an image. The passage in question is about Bunyan being challenged by Satan to the extent that it threatens to bring him down spiritually and physically.

DSCF0980 _1_.jpg
Statue of John Bunyan in the centre of London. Photo CNE, Evert van Vlastuin

ChatGPT refused to generate an image of this: “I’m unable to generate an image for the passage you’ve provided from Bunyan’s ‘The Pilgrim’s Progress’ due to content policy restrictions. The passage’s themes of intense darkness, despair, and mental anguish fall outside the guidelines for image creation. If there’s another passage or a different scene you would like visualised, please let me know, and I’ll be happy to assist you within the guidelines!”



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