Concerning Kids: Why don’t we see that the Father wants every child to have a father?


Christian Life

Anna Gnatyshyna, CNE.news

A father playing with his boys at the beach. Photo AFP, Jaime Reina

When Mother’s Day is celebrated, all our newsfeeds are full of pictures, songs and words of appreciation. However, Father’s Day is celebrated more quietly and subtly. But don’t forget, fathers are part of God’s design.

The first words that toddlers say are usually “mom.” Mothers also get the first gifts that kids create. In such a “mother-child” narrative, it might seem that fathers are the actors of a second role who are less important and, therefore, less appreciated. But that is not the way it looks.

When creating a family, God designed an essential role for fathers. This was not only because they were responsible for breadwinning, carrying heavy suitcases, or repairing the broken kitchen sink. God also planned for kids to be raised by both parents.

The role of the father is vital for a family. When God reveals His character, it is important that He calls himself a Father as a life-giver and a law-giver. He intentionally uses images that are familiar to every person. God is the Father for all creation and all nations and a Father for every believer.   

    God prepared a family for Jesus before His birth. Joseph became Jesus’s earthly father and had to play an important role.   The Gospels do not reveal much about Joseph and his life, but he was called “righteous.” Joseph’s character, righteous actions, and love for God were part of how he became the father for baby Jesus.

Many people treated Joseph as the second plan actor, especially those who despised Jesus and his “shady” birth. However, Joseph was brave enough to be present for Mary and the child, to protect them, and to take care of them. He did not withdraw but followed the predestined scenario.    

    Joseph even became a refugee in Egypt when he fought to save Jesus’s life from a mad king. He accepted Jesus as his own, raised Jesus and gave him a profession. He died quietly after his mission was accomplished.

However, Joseph’s influence was significant. His righteous character made him the best father for raising Jesus. As the earthly father, Joseph was a great illustration of a Heavenly Father.

God did not choose the man from the capital city with huge finances, a prestigious job, and influential connections. Instead, God chose a humble and loving man who showed mercy and kindness to Mary instead of punishing and shaming her after he learned about her pregnancy.   

    Every father has a high and vital calling. It is not easy to be present and take care of the family. Moreover, it is challenging to live righteously and to teach kids to love God and His Word.

The kids will view their Heavenly Father as they know their earthly father. This calling is challenging but possible, as this is God’s design. God will surely grant enough strength and wisdom to every righteous man as he lives out his father’s calling.



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