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Anna Gnatyshyna, CNE.news

Mural of the famous composer Ludwig van Beethoven in his native city of Bonn, German. Photo AFP, Ina Fassbender

Talents are strange. Some brilliant people have had many problems at school. Anna Gnatyshyna explains why.

“Behind every young child who believes in himself, is a parent who believed first”, said Matthew Jacobson.

God has created people uniquely different. We see that difference in our appearance, talents, aspirations, and life dreams. However, not every person is able to discover his talents and calling in life due to a huge number of reasons, but one of the main reasons is the educational system.

Various clubs, schools, and universities help people grow and learn to improve in different areas. Therefore, the educational system would be the best place to define the kids’ talents, and it will be able to measure them and help them improve.

In many cases, that is true. However, when the talented kid gets into the system, sometimes the system dysfunctions and might ruin their life.

Did you know that Thomas Edison (physicist and brilliant inventor) was kicked out of school? The teacher said Thomas was mentally disabled. When asked how much “1 plus 1” would be during a math lesson, Edison answered: “If you pour two cups of water, you get one, but it’s bigger, right?”

The lesson ended with the teacher calling Thomas a “brainless fool.” Therefore, the boy’s mother decided to teach him at home.

One of Beethoven’s teachers considered Ludwig a completely untalented student. Einstein did not speak until the age of four. And as the family got worried, his teacher characterised him as mentally retarded.

Rodin (a great sculptor) failed the art school exam three times, which angered his father, who considered his son an idiot. Even in adulthood, your talents might go unnoticed. Walt Disney was fired from the newspaper for lack of ideas.

If those kids had no backbone support, so many geniuses could be lost for our history and inventions. We never know if we will raise the next genius or a child who won’t have remarkable success compared to others. Nevertheless, our encouragement, love, and support will build a sustainable foundation for a kid’s future life.

The childhood experience is imprinted on all life, and when kids become adults, they will still live by the behavioural and mental patterns they developed in their early days.

Nowadays, in churches, I see adults who have beautiful talents and gifts but lack basic self-confidence. They want to join God in the mission of building God’s Kingdom by serving others, but they don’t believe they have anything to contribute to the good of others.

Often, the church becomes a place where, maybe for the first time in their life, some people open, discover their gifts, grow in them, flourish and change the world around them.

Therefore, it does not matter if you have a kid or work with adults; your support and your investment in people’s lives matter. God gifted every person so that their gifts could build others up, transform society, and make the world a better place for God’s glory.



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