Tens of thousands of Bibles sent to Ukraine


Eastern Europe


Photo Ukrainian Bible Society

Soon, 200,000 Bibles will make their way to Ukraine. They are sent by Bibles for the World (BFTW) and used for evangelism in Ukraine.

That is reported by InVictory. Usually, BFTW is active in South Asia, India and Africa. Still, because of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, the organisation has started to work in Ukraine as well, InLight writes as well.

Partners of the organisation, who work in Kharkiv, said that many people are open to hearing about the Gospel. Leader John Pudayte said to InVicotry: “They asked us to provide between 30,000 and 50,000 Gospels of John in Russian, as that is the first language of many people in Eastern Ukraine. They said they could distribute them to people within two to three weeks.”

The organisation, however, printed 200,000 copies of the Gospel of John and will send the Bibles from Poland to Ukraine.

It is not the first time the organisation has been active in Ukraine. BFTW was present in the Soviet Union as well.



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