Polish education minister critical of schools celebrating LGBT event


Central Europe


The Polish education minister calls principals who celebrated an annual LGBT event in their schools “irresponsible.” He warned that activists want to indoctrinate the minds of children with dangerous ideas.

Last Friday, “Rainbow Friday” was celebrated. The event takes place annually and is part of the Campaign against Homophobia, Notes from Poland writes. During the day, students can show solidarity with their LGBT peers by wearing rainbow colours to school.

Principals can decide whether they want their school to participate in the event. However, the ruling political party, PiS has been very critical of Rainbow Friday. This year, the Education Minister, Przemyslaw Czarnek said that only a few schools take part in the event. He called the joining principals “irresponsible people who do not care for the proper education and upbringing of children.”

Earlier, the minister attempted to introduce a ban that would prevent NGOs from organising activities in schools. It was rejected earlier this year, but recently the Parliamentary Education Committee adopted it after it was resubmitted.



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