Abortion may be a game changer in Slovakian coalition formation


Central Europe


Milan Majerský during the election campaign. Photo Facebook, KDH

The coalition formation in Slovakia was well on its way. Now, the Christian Democratic Party may unexpectedly shake up the process.

The Slovakian Christian Democrats (KDH) have consistently rejected cooperation with the Social Democratic Party (SMER) led by Robert Fico. However, last Friday, they may have opened the door ajar under certain conditions, Euractiv writes.

Several media report that the Christian Democrats are open to cooperation in exchange for restrictions on abortion access. That is not unlikely since Milan Majerský is the party's leader. His wife, Miriam Lexmann-Majerský, a member of the European Parliament, is known for her pro-life stance.


The arrival of the KDH on the political stage in Slovakia shook up the formation process that seemed to depend on Peter Pellegrini and his Hlas party. Pellegrini had good chances of influencing the right-wing SMER party more towards a progressive course.

However, his chances have slimmed because of an alleged deal between Fico and Majerský. The latter said last week that his party is "heading to the opposition" and will quit the negotiations with the progressives.


Fico would have agreed to the outcome because he would rather not rule with progressive parties, the former leader of Christian Democrats, Alojz Hlina, wrote on Facebook. In return, he promised that his party will give in a bit regarding abortion and funds to municipalities.

In a statement on their website, the Christian Democrats say they are still opposed to a government with the SMER party. At the same time, they do not mention the deal with Fico.



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