After twelve years, Belarusian pastor finishes Bible translation


Eastern Europe


Luke 1 in the new Belarusian version. Photo Biblia.by

It took him twelve years, but finally, Anthony Bokun finished his translation of the Bible. He interpreted the original languages of the Bible and now presents the third version of the Holy book in Belarusian.

Anthony Bokun. Photo Facebook

Bokun started his job in 2011 when he started looking at the text of the Bible in Greek and ancient Hebrew to translate it into Belarusian. The pastor of the Minsk Church of John the Baptist announced on December 14 that his work was finished, Christians for Ukraine writes.

The new translation cannot be bought somewhere, Bokun wrote on his Facebook page. Instead, people can get it for free at the Minsk Theological Seminary of the Union of Evangelical Christian Baptists and the Theological Institute of Christians of the Evangelical Faith. In addition, the translation can already be found in some Bible apps, such as YouVersion and MyBible. There is also an online version on Biblia.by and on Bible.by.

Having a Bible in their own native language allows believers to understand the texts of the “sacred Scriptures” better, Christians for Ukraine points out. “Such reading strengthens personal faith and affirms cultural identity, maintaining the important connection between faith and linguistic heritage”, the website reads. In addition, the preservation of language is especially important for the Belarusian people as their population increases.

Photo Facebook


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