Ukrainian Bible Society presents new Bible translation


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The new Ukrainian Bible version. Photo ukrbs

There is a new Bible in the modern Ukrainian language. The Ukrainian Bible Society presented the edition last week in the Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv.

"This is a special moment for Christians and all Ukrainians who are interested in spirituality, literature and cultural heritage of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture and Information Policy writes on its website.

Religious leaders from several denominations, such as the Orthodox Church, the Catholic Church and some Protestant churches as well, were present at the presentation of the "long-term work of translators, editors, linguists, domestic and foreign Biblical scholars", Christians for Ukraine reports. According to Christians for Ukraine, a new Bible translation unites believers and church leaders.

The acting Minister of Culture and Information Policy, Rostyslav Karandeev, also attended the meeting, Ukrinform writes. "State policy has never been separated from society's wishes", Karandeev said in a speech. "In the future, having sworn to the Ukrainian word and the Ukrainian Bible, the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy will continue activities aimed at supporting Ukrainian churches on the territory of our free, independent Ukraine. May the Lord help us to achieve our great goal together - to win victory over the enemy and to establish the word of God in the Ukrainian language throughout the territory of Ukraine", he added.


Metropolitan Epiphanius of Kyiv and All Ukraine, the head of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, said that they have been waiting for the new translation "for a quarter of a century." He expressed his "indescribable joy" about the new Bible version. The Metropolitan pointed out that this translation is one of the fastest to come into being. "Previous translations were also not done quickly because this is a fundamental work that should be accepted by all churches and religious organisations. There must be a certain reception. It had to be a real translation so that it could be used, read and inspired", he said.

Also, the President of the Ukrainian Bible Society said he was happy with the new translation. "Thank God for the fact that, despite all circumstances, we have a wonderful book, the Bible", Hryhoriy Komendant said. "It is a truly blessed time that we can present the Bible in a new translation in the Ukrainian language", Komendant added.


The new Ukrainian Bible translation does not go unnoticed in Russia either. The Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC), which belongs to the Moscow Patriarchate, also worked on the translation, Tass writes.

However, the Russian news website is also critical of the sister church of the UOC, the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (OCU), which also participated in the Bible translation process. "In Ukraine, a campaign is being waged against the canonical UOC", Tass writes, consistently calling the OCU a "schismatic" church.



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