Distance does not prevent Ukrainians from marrying


Eastern Europe


Nor war, nor distance can prevent Ukrainians from marrying. Photo Facebook, Міністерство юстиції України

“War will not prevent love”, Ukrainians say. More than 3000 of them have married from the trenches or another distanced location.

Because of the war, not all brides and bridegrooms are obliged to attend their own wedding ceremony. They can even marry from elsewhere, with a video connection.

To accommodate soldiers and their spouses, the Ukrainian Cabinet simplified the marriage procedure. “War will not prevent love! Happiness, love and victories!” the Ministry of Justice writes, as reported by Sobor.

Civil office

Between March 2022 and May this year, 3,328 couples used this opportunity to get married without being together or being present at a civil office. That was reported by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on Facebook.

In 1,700 cases, either the bride or the groom was physically absent from the ceremony, Pravda writes.

In addition, 1,577 couples did not go to the civil office to have their marriage sealed. Instead, they asked their commander or manager to draw their marriage act. About 50 couples were married by the head of the healthcare institution.

Kyiv is the region with the most remote marriages (435). After that, Dnipropetrovsk follows with 325 couples that got married remotely. In Odesa, 244 spouses used the exception in the marriage law.


At the beginning of the invasion, several experts expected a peak in divorces as many families were separated. Women and children fled abroad while men served in the army. This prediction has not yet come true.



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