Berlin must look at rising abortions, Christian Democrats urge


Central Europe


Christian Democrats for Life active on the street. Photo Facebook

The pro-life movement within the German Christian Democratic CDU has called on the federal government to look at the rising number of abortions.

The numbers rose 6.8 per cent in the first quarter of this year. And last year, the numbers were already 4.8 higher than the year before. In 2022, the total number of abortions was 104,000 in the whole of Germany, 10 per cent higher than in 2021.

The chairwoman of the Christian Democrats for Life (CDL), Susanne Wenzel, stated that the government must “fulfil its obligation to protect unborn children” when abortion is deleted from the Criminal Code. This was reported by the Evangelical press agency IDEA.

Wenzel says a responsible government would investigate why the number of abortions is increasing. The CDL chairperson cites the causes as “the economic situation with continuously rising living costs, the climate panic fuelled by the media, which culminates in the demand to forego having children to save the climate, as well as the conscious negation of family in the world broad public discussion.”

Towards young people, this is not a “life-affirming and positive attitude”, she says.

Here the federal government, namely the family and women’s minister Lisa Paus (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen), is urgently called upon to act. “We finally need a campaign for children and families instead of promoting abortion,” says Wenzel. Behind every reported case is the killing of an unborn child and a mother’s desperation. Facilitating the offer to kill cannot be an option for a humanitarian state.

The Christian Democrats for Life called on the federal government to strengthen families and support women more “so that life with children is an enrichment and does not become a financial risk”.


Abortion is not only a topic on the federal level. In the German state Bavaria, the Greens demand that abortion is available in university clinics, as IDEA reports too. The Christian Democratic CSU in the region protests against this proposal.



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