Bible Societies present a special “Migration Bible”


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Stefan van Dijk from the Dutch Bible Society hands the Migration Bible to Samuel Lee. Photo Willem Jan de Bruin

The Bible teaches us many lessons on how to deal with migration, says theologian Samuel Lee. Therefore, he is very pleased with the so-called Migration Bible presented last weekend.

Lee is one of the members of the international editorial board of the Migration Bible, the United Bible Societies writes in a press release. “There is nothing new under the sun”, Lee says. “The experiences of migrants today are similar to many experiences in the Bible.”

“Just think of the story of Ruth and Naomi or the calling of Abraham”, Rieuwerd Buitenwerf added during the World Assembly of the United Bible Societies last weekend. Buitenwerf is the General Secretary of the Bible Society for the Netherlands and Flanders. He points out that the Bible even describes all Christians as migrants. “After all, they are strangers in this world.”

According to Buitenwerf, the Migration Bible is especially important at this time when migration is a hotly debated topic. “That is why we highlight what the Bible says about it.”


The Migration Bible shows how migration is presented in the Bible and how it pops up as “a recurring theme.” In addition, it pays attention to the relationship between migrants and native inhabitants of a country by highlighting themes such as hospitality. In addition, it touches on themes such as hope and resilience.

The Bible edition is based on the Good News Translation and also includes 17 themed articles, 15 portraits of contemporary migrants and 22 Bible reading plans. The Bible is meant for English-speaking migrants, their pastors, caregivers and those who encounter migrants in other aspects of their lives, the press release states.



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