Bible Society Norway publishes Ukrainian Bible to meet demand


Northern Europe


Ukrainian Bible.

In collaboration with its Ukrainian branch, the Norwegian Bible Society has launched a new translation of the Bible in Ukrainian.

There has been a great demand for Bibles and children's Bibles in Ukraine in the past weeks. However, the need for Biblical resources now comes to Norway as well, Dagen reports.

"We have an enormous demand from Norwegian congregations and volunteers for Bibles and Bible resources for Ukrainian refugees", Anne Mari Schiager Topland says. She is the Secretary-General of the Norwegian Bible Society.

Currently, physical Bibles are printed, and an online version of the new Ukrainian translation can be found on Bible.no. In addition, resources for Ukrainian children are also available online.

Norway is strongly connected to the Ukrainian Bible Society

Norwegian Christians have a strong bond with the Ukrainian Bible Society for 30 years. They helped set up the Ukrainian Bible Society in Kyiv, Bibel.no writes. The Norwegian Bible Society is a well-established organisation and has enough resources to support its Ukrainian counterpart. "Right now, Ukraine is in focus. Norwegian Bible friends have been involved in building up the Bible work in Ukraine. Now the Ukrainians need us more than ever. We have a special responsibility for this country", Bibel.no reads.



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