Bible said to protect against exploding shell in Ukraine


Eastern Europe


Svitlana shows her Bible that was hit by a shrapnel. Photo Facebook

A Ukrainian pastor shares the story that the Bible literally saved the life of a sister in faith. The book was in her bag and stopped the fragments of a shell.

The bomb exploded 2 meters from Svitlana, pastor Pavel Protopopov writes on Facebook. One of the fragments hit the lady on the side. But the bag with the Bible changed the fragment's direction and slowed it down.

In a video on the church's Facebook page, the lady herself tells about the incident. She carried the bag over her left shoulder at the same height as her heart. Without the bag, the shrapnel would have hit her in the heart, she says. Now she only has a bruise on her upper arm.

Svitlana tells in church about the incident. Photo Facebook

The bag with the book saved her life, the pastor writes. "The Bible saves not only the soul, but also the body! Take the Bible closer to your heart!"

Protopopov is the pastor of the Reconciliation Bible Church in Uman. Uman is a city 200 kilometres southwest of Kyiv.

Also, from earlier armed conflicts, there are stories about a Bible that protected against fatal bullets or fragments.

Photo Facebook


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