New German Bible translation is progressing


Central Europe


A German Bible. Photo EBTC

Germany will get a new Bible translation, known as the Ezra Bible (ESB). Protestant theologian Benedikt Peters works on the project in cooperation with the European Bible Training Centre (EBTC).

The Bible is named after the Biblical scribe Ezra because he “embodied in every way a man who loved God”, EBTC explains as reported by Idea. The Bible book of Ezra says that the scribe “had set his heart to study the Law of the Lord and to do it and to teach his statutes and rules in Israel.”

EBTC is a Bible school which wants to equip people for discipleship and provide them with better tools to serve Christians in their surroundings.

Benedikt Peters, who is a 73-year-old Swedish-German-Swiss Hebraist and Greek Scholar, already has 20 years of experience in translating the Bible. He points out that the focus of the new Bible translation is mainly on linguistic accuracy but also on readability. Therefore, the Ezra Bible must become a “tool to everyone who wants to study the Bible with diligence and care in order to understand it even better, to apply it personally and proclaim it, through which they can get as close as possible to the original text”, he says in an interview published by the EBTC.


To realise his project, Peter stresses that he needs proven and expert advisors, “who will contribute greatly to the success of the work with their critique and suggestions.” In addition, he is supported by editors who have “the ability to translate everything into easy-to-understand German.

To enhance its readability, the Ezra Bible highlights linguistic peculiarities from the original languages of the Bible, the EBTC adds. That way, the reader can more easily understand the message and the text the Bible Training Centre believes.


When the Bible translation is completed, it will be published in individual parts as a logbook, Idea reports. The first one is to appear at the beginning of December and consists of the letter to the Philippians. The complete Ezra Bible is to be done by 2026.



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