Jews publish Psalms in Ukrainian


Eastern Europe


Jew in Ukraine. Photo EPA

Jewish communities in Ukraine have launched a large-scale project called “Tehilim Reading”, about the book of Psalms.

The news platform Religion in Ukraine reported this.

For the project, 5000 copies of the book “Tehilim” were published. The Tehilim is the Bible book Psalms. Half of the copies are printed in Ukrainian.

The Jewish Community of Dnieper started the initiative, Ester Ivanova says. She is the coordinator of the Ukrainian Jewish Community Support Project. “The reading of the Tehilim is a powerful way to influence the world, changing it for the better”, she states. It is the first time that so many books of the Tehilim are published in Ukrainian.

Tehilim reading takes place in Dnieper at several locations. One of them is the Central Synagogue “Golden Rose”, where men’s and women’s groups take place. Also, in the historical synagogue “Levi-Yitzhak” in the old synagogue “Altershill” and in the House for the Elderly “Beit Baruch”, the Tehilim is read.



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